Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting Inspiration


I've had this ceramic piece for a long time. One can see the artist got his inspiration from nature - the sun or a flower - in either case there is energy bursting forth. It, in turn, inspires me - the colour, the form and the asymmetry.

I've been immersed in #clmooc - making, reading, getting inspired by the creative people who have chosen to be part of this group. It is a bit like playing jazz where one member starts a melody; someone else catches it and riffs off it, remixes it and gives it a whole new slant.


Sometimes you have to zoom in close, pay attention to details to get the gist of an idea, to read and respect and retell - variations on a theme. It can get quite dense as the rhythm of a twitter chat can be fast and furious.

Glass Bowl

This coming week is a break week - a time for quieter colours and rounder lines. I'll be off on a trip getting inspired by the countryside, by music and by the many thoughts that are replaying from the encounters I have had via #clmooc.

Here's hoping for robust wifi!


  1. Hi Susan

    You're so right - CLMooc is just like freeform jazz - riffing off each other, spinning off - and sometimes seeming quite discordant unless one has one's ear in.

    I love your photos. :)

  2. I like the analogy between remix and jazz, Susan. I think you've nailed it when you say you have to zoom in to the gist of an idea before you can respect, then retell. Sometimes I don't give as much time as I should to someone's post or creation, I jump into responding with something but miss a deeper connection. I need to do some more slow reading even if it means I don't get around as much from post to post. Thank you for your reflection.