Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hot Weather

Ice Cream

Photo: July 12, 2016

Some days I have to go to great lengths to get my photo. It was a hot day - not just hot, but humid, too. What would represent a hot day, I asked myself. Ice cream. After supper (and once the sun was setting) I ventured out to get my hot day photograph. I didn't want the shopkeepers to think I was just loitering with my camera, so I bought a small bowl of dark chocolate ice cream - the sacrifices I make to get the right photograph. Ah - the perfect antidote to a hot summer evening!


  1. I really understand! I am smiling!

  2. Hot and humid weather is like being in a sauna. I’ll go for the chocolate chip ice-cream.


  3. Of course you had to get some ice cream. Got to keep those shops in business!