Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thursday at CAMMAC


Photos July 7, 2016

I like to stay in the main lodge, but many people camp who come to CAMMAC. Some come prepared to make their own meals; others pay to eat in the dining room with the rest of us. Food is plentiful and nutritious - always lots of fruit and vegetables available.

Peeking Out of the Den

We share the site with wildlife. Many birds can be seen and heard. I always love to hear the loons. This little groundhog peeked out of its den. They can be seen munching on the grass nearby.

Flute and Cello

A typical day at CAMMAC starts at 7:00 with volunteers going around the building playing or singing to wake people up - anything from a madrigal to a simple song played by some of the children. Heads poke out from the rooms to see who has provided the gentle start to the morning. Breakfast is at 7:30 followed by the short concert and announcements. Classes - in early music week there are three before lunch - go from 8:35 to 1:00 with a half hour snack time scheduled mid-morning. After lunch there is a silent hour - a much needed time to relax and get away from the buzz of voices, instruments etc. There is the possibility of another class (history or active listening) in the afternoon. There is a life guard on duty at the beach and on nice days many take advantage of a chance to swim. Afternoons are also a time to practice, sight-read with friends... Dinner is at 6:00 followed by choir or orchestra. The concert is at 9:00 and by 11:00 everything falls silent.

The Whistler

While the concerts feature wonderful musicians, there is usually something unusual or humour injected into each programme. Featured above is Xavier, an extraordinary whistler!

The evening's programme

J.J. Froberger - Tombeau de Blancroches: Jonathan Addleman
J. Haydn - London Trio Sonata: Sophie Larivière, Francis Colpron, Femke Bergsma
J.S. Bach - Cantata 'The Whistler': Xavier Brossard-Ménard and friends

C. Buterne - Sonata in C minor: Elyse Lamanque-Girard  and Jonathan Addleman
G. Dufay - 'Tunes and Dances: Laura Pudwell, Olivier Brault, Femke Bergsma

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