Sunday, July 10, 2016

On Lake Macdonald


Photos: July 3, 2016

Some places just don't have good wifi - CAMMAC is one of them. For years we had no radio, no television and certainly no internet. I started to attend CAMMAC pre the Internet era. Occasionally someone would drive to Lost River to pick up a newspaper and it would be deposited on the coffee table for all to share after the purchaser finished with it. That was the only outside news. So it feels like a luxury and almost a "sin" to be connected to the outside world at all while at CAMMAC. But times change. I don't mind living without constant connection but it means it is time to catch up on this blog now that I am home.

Lake MacDonald

Each CAMMAC week goes from Sunday to Sunday. It is always wonderful to see Lake MacDonald, to breathe the country air and to see old friends again. Sunday evening is the beginning of a hectic week.

Sunset on the Lake

The sun sets over the water. A calm moment before the rush of the week.

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