Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer in Parc-des-Rapides

Tern on a Rock

Photos: July 15, 2016

It is always a treat to walk through Parc-des-Rapides - it was doubly so to go there with my daughter who had never been there before. It is an oasis of peace in the city. For the time you are there you can forget that just behind you there is city life going on.

The park consists of a spit of land just off the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Any part on the side facing the shore is calm; on the open river side are the Lachine Rapids - the barrier that prevented ships from travelling further to the North American interior until man-made waterways provided a possible route (first the Lachine Canal and later the St. Lawrence Seaway).

In flight

My daughter and I stopped at one end of the park and spent time watching the terns swooping and diving. They fly like a precision air show team (or is it the other way around?) with fast changes of direction, quick dives and at times in formation.

Watching for Food

The breeze off the water kept us cool.

Singing its Heart Out

Song sparrows filled the air with their happy choruses. But mostly we heard the sounds of the surging water.

Successful Fisherman

There is something about being in nature, about taking the time to stop and observe or just listen that slows down the usual racing of thoughts. Moments of peace and contentment.

Lilies in the Sun

We both left feeling refreshed both mentally and physically having breathed in these moments of beauty.


  1. Seeing those birds I also feel refreshed! They are lovely.
    I hope you have a good summer,Susan.

  2. Lovely when cities have these green places devoted to Nature.