Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Friday at CAMMAC

Matched Set of Recorders

Photos: July 8, 2016

It is not everywhere that you can hear recorder players playing on a set of Bob Marvin renaissance recorders. It is almost like listening to an organ.

Afternoon Playing in Studio Gaby

One place I love to play is the Studio Gaby - a former boathouse. There are windows on three sides which look out on the lake. As I mentioned in another post, people get together in the afternoon to play through music together.

Unknown Bush

I did not have my DSLR camera with me. I did take some time to play with settings and learn to use it in the manual setting. I'm not sure what this bush is. I used to have one in front of my house but it was a legacy from the previous owners.


As a child I loved picking these; we would walk around with one dangling from the mouth - now I am really not sure why!

At the Concert

The harpsichord is a staple of early music - both as a solo instrument and as the continuo line (the accompaniment and bass line).

Music Vibrates

At times the players play at such great speed it is hard to catch a clear photograph. The image vibrates with the sound.

The Violin Sings

Even with a slow movement - there is motion.

A Little Monteverdi

Friday evening is the last of the concerts by the teachers. They closed with an excerpt from Monteverdi's Vespers.

Concert programme:

Recorder Consort with Femke Bergsma, Caroline Tremblay, Nathalie Michaud, Marie-Laurence Primeau, Sophie Larivière, Francis Colpron
J.S. Bach -Singet dem Herrm:Xavier Brossard-Ménard and friends
A. Vivaldi - Concerto RV 102: Olivier Brault, Sophie Larivière, Matthias Maute, Melisande McNabney
Medley Bach to the Future: Francis Colpron, Sophie Larivière, Marie-Laurence Primeau, Caroline Tremblay
Songs by G.F. Handel, H. Purcell, R. Burns: Laura Pudwell, Sophie Larivière, Melisande McNabney
C. Monteverdi - the grand finale: Tutti

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