Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Into the Centre

Photos July 13, 2016

A hot, humid day - it is like walking into a jungle. For anyone who lives in a dry climate, heat here is calculated based on both the temperature and the relative humidity which makes everything feel much hotter than it is.

This was the temperature at 4:00 (it had gone down slightly). 32°C is equivalent to about 90°F and the Humidex indicates 41 or almost 106°F. While I don't completely agree with the humidex numbers, it was hot and sticky. 


The flowers seem to be enjoying it. Their bright, faces reached up, enticing insects to play among their pollen. I am not quite as comfortable as they are in this weather!


  1. Your flowers are growing even with the heat and humidity. We also have a hot and humid tropical weather. I do not want to go out in the extremely hot.
    My camera is tempting me to go out, though....

  2. The temperature and humidity today was almost the same with that of your place. I don’t like it but it’s better than the real summer after the rainy season. Temperature will soar up more 35 to 38 degrees. Your lilies look comfortable radiating its beauty and energy.


  3. Dry here and warm but not hot. We need rain badly. Many fires have started in our state. The Lilies are lovely.