Friday, July 1, 2016

Continuing Along the Path

A Maple Leaf for Canada Day

Canada Day today - a time to celebrate our country - so I thought I would top this post with a maple leaf.

Continuing Down the Path

I have reached 183 daily blog posts this year, each containing at least one photo from each day - half way along the journey of "A Photo A Day" in 2016. I walk this path with photography-sensitive eyes, always looking for a good shot and the story to go with it.

A Tree Moves Rock

Summit Woods sits on one of the three summits of Mont-Royal. It is an oasis in the middle of the city - nothing but natural vegetation. The only man-made structures are a few garbage cans and a couple of boards depicting the flora and fauna of the forest. When trees fall, they remain lying there. You can see some quite decomposed with new plants growing on their surface. Others, like this one has fallen more recently - its strong roots having grown around a large rock dragged it up from the ground as the tree fell.

Patterns in a Trunk

Patterns, swirls, - there is always something to see if you look.

New Growth Over Old

Step back and you will see a new topknot of plants growing out of its once mighty trunk.

Pink Flower

A flash of pink - a little surprise among all the green.

Looking back it has certainly been a full half year and now onto the next half.


  1. To have wild areas so close to the city is a real treat. Such abundant greenery. I like thinking about that rock going upward as the tree fell.

  2. Happy Canada Day to you!Susan.