Friday, July 22, 2016


Song Sparrow Singing

Photos: July 21, 2016

My blog is morphing. I've been participating in CLMooc - a flurry of making, connecting, collaborating - with participation in a +Google Community, twitter chats, a Facebook group and even connecting in the real world through postcards. One can participate on any level from lurking to being very active. I love being part of this as it stirs up my thinking, has me reflecting and pushes me to try new things (apps, attempts at visual arts other than photography...). I've been reading more blogs and have been pondering many ideas. Some of my musings will inevitably burst out here.

One way of participating is via the Daily Connect - a suggestion / challenge of an activity to do which helps foster this community. Yesterday's was to send out your voice. It made me think of the whole idea of "voice". While I have not sent out my physical voice - I have been sharing my voice through this blog for years. It is a place where I express my ideas - Through My Eyes has been much more than my photographs.

First Waterlily

It's a place where I capture moments of beauty, where I experiment with genre. It is a place where I have taken some risks with my sharing - going beyond my comfort zone.

Lacy Leaves

It's a place where I nibble at the issues that bother me - where I voice my opinions.

Woody Growth

It has opened my eyes to beauty in the strangest places and found stories - and a place to voice them. It has been a place where I have shared my passions.

As a teacher I always wanted to help students find their voice, be that through writing, the arts... We have so many possibilities - even more now as the ability to create through digital media is possible even for very young students. So here is my latest risk - a snippet of my voice for the #DailyConnect - a day late.

A couple of thoughts on/in my voice


  1. Woody growth is a spectacular picture, Susan. Plus, I love the notion of thoughts & experiences spilling forth onto your blog!

  2. Voice and choice are so important at all levels of learning. Giving opportunity for voice to emerge and evolve allows students to explore without penalty, like we're doing in #CLMOOC. Glad you are sharing your voice and finding interesting ways to find your unique voice! ~ Helen

  3. Susan, it has been so great to see you in and around CLMOOC. And I'm happy to now be a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing your voice, images, and thoughts.