Friday, February 5, 2016

Walking in Old Montreal

One perk of going to concerts is they take place in different parts of the city. Last night's concert was in Old Montreal. We strolled through the streets (in this weird winter of ours, I was wearing shoes not boots - unheard of in February). As we walked up from the metro station we approached Notre-Dame church, one of the older churches in Montreal.

In Old Montreal

The cobblestone streets add atmosphere as does the way the buildings are lit. Despite warm for February temperatures, there are far fewer people on the streets than in the summer months. It is nice to walk without the constant jostling of tourists.

Stop and Warm Up

Place Jacques Cartier had fire pits set up. The logs crackled and the warmth was cheerful. Down in the old port there is an outdoor music festival (not my kind of music). I am sure the participants welcome the warmth of these stations after spending time outdoors.

Hôtel de Ville

After the concert, which was lovely, by Pallade Musica we walked past City Hall on our way back to the metro. It is lit up almost to excess. Tomorrow's concert takes me to another part of the city.


  1. Great night shots of the lovely old buildings, Susan.

  2. Beautiful old buildings. I see you bundled walking there.