Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day


Another Valentine's Day, another push by marketers to get you to buy the perfect gift, flowers, chocolates - consume! They emphasize romantic love. It is so the opposite of what the day should represent - a day to celebrate all kinds of love and to recognize that love is what binds us all and what could make this world a better place all year.


It should be a day of giving - not stuff - but of oneself and to celebrate the many important relationships in our lives - from parents to children, to friends and relatives, to pets and to nature.

Instead of the frenzy of shopping for the perfect card or gift I advocate slowing down, taking time with the people in your lives and a moment to say what you think all year - having you in my life makes my life better.

Thanks to my blog friends - your blogs enrich my life with your photos and stories. And to any of my face to face friends who may read this - you mean a lot to me.


  1. You mean a lot to me, too, Susan!
    I LOVE the way the tomato makes a heart. Never noticed before.

  2. I spent a wonderful weekend with family, Susan. I received some special homemade cards. I have some soapstone hearts just like your little one.