Wednesday, February 17, 2016

After the Storm

The Next Day

Yesterday's snow, freezing rain and rain left their mark on the city. Branches coated in ice sparkled in the sunshine. A thick slippery crust lay on top of the snow.

Ice Covered

While it may not be  healthy for the bushes, the effect was quite magical as each bush and tree shimmered.

It Glitters in the Sunshine

While this area looks pristine, it is quite different at street corners, where frigid water collects making crossing streets an adventure. One has to carefully plot the route around these ponds, through the slush. And woe betide the pedestrians who get splashed by the motorists who seem to aim for the slush sending up a wake of dirty icy spray.


  1. I love the sparkle of ice on trees and bushes, but I prefer not to navigate in it, either by car or on foot.

  2. I like all of your winter photos. Especially the first one is the world in arts!!!

  3. Snowstorm makes the nature look magically beautiful but causes chaos in human world. I love to see shimmering trees.