Sunday, February 21, 2016



Paperclips - such a simple idea, yet so useful. I have used them in many ways, from their meant for purpose to a variety of other uses. I always have some in my music bag. They can hold music on the stand when you need to spread an extra sheet that reaches beyond the width of the stand.

Back in the days of floppy disks, they were a useful tool for ejecting disks that were stuck. DVDs stuck in DVD drives could also be ejected in the same (make sure the power is off).
If your zipper pull falls off - attach a paperclip and it all works again!
I have used larger ones to keep cereal bags closed.
A paper clip has stood in as a key chain.

The most profound use of paperclips was done by a school in Tennessee. They collected paperclips to try to understand what the number 6,000,000 meant - the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. A documentary film was done about the project and is a must see, both in terms of learning about the project, but also seeing how the teachers classroom practices changed through the development of the project. You can go on a tour of the museum they created.


  1. The paper clip has stood the test of time. Not many inventions can say that.

  2. I use them to clip tuition envelopes for English and piano lessons every month. My ones are colorless. I should get colorful ones like yours!!