Friday, February 26, 2016

Movies at the Former Montreal Forum

The Former Montreal Forum

Growing up when I did the Canadiens were the kings of hockey and the Montreal Forum was their palace. Now with the league diluted from the original 6 teams to 30, hockey doesn't speak to me the same way. A few remnants from hockey days adorn the repurposed (and basically rebuilt) building, decorated with Canadiens banners and a concrete facsimile of centre ice. A few seats from the old building offer some chance to reminisce.

The Former Montreal Forum

The Canadiens have moved on to the Bell Centre and I frequent their former home not for sports but for films. Instead of the black and white image (often "snowy") I remember coming to our television through our rooftop antenna ( yes later it came in crisp colour)  I have been treated to films streamed from far off. Just recently I went to see Florence and the Uffizi Gallery - a visual treat and last night I saw As You Like It streamed from England. It was a delightful production, done in modern dress. There are plays from Stratford Ontario and London UK, ballets from Moscow and London, opera from New York and visits to art galleries around the world! As a culture vulture, I feast on the offerings!

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  1. A new purpose for an old venue - I can see you more as a film buff than a hockey fan!