Monday, February 1, 2016

Looking Towards the River

Shining River

That shining ribbon of light is the St. Lawrence River. Montreal, an island, sits in it. Hidden from view all summer, from this vantage point, when the leaves are off the trees in winter, the river appears. It is the gateway into the interior of North America with ships now able to bypass the Lachine Rapids which stymied the early explorers, and travel via the St. Lawrence Seaway into the Great Lakes.

My mother was born in Russia before the revolution and came to Canada in the 1920s. I remember her telling me that she had learned about the river in school - probably as they studied the geography of the world. She was excited to actually see it. I often think of how it must have felt to be an immigrant at that time, to know you were never going back. Connections with the past were via mail which could take many weeks to arrive. How instantaneous everything is now as we connect through our devices and not only hear but see our friends and relatives from far off.


  1. I like looking out to the river in your photo. Sometimes, I love that i'm so connected, and sometimes I need a vacation from it!

  2. I want to take photos like this. I liked to read your story.
    Have a good day.