Sunday, September 26, 2010

Symmetry - that is the question

Symmetry?, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Symmetry can be calm and soothing. Make a photo today featuring symmetry, either in subject or composition. (@logista)

We often think of things as symmetrical which are not really. The human face is a good example. Though we have the same number of features on each side, there are definite differences If both sides are identical the face actually looks odd. (I've created a couple of examples)

So my offering of symmetry is asymmetrical - same but different. I like bending the rules.


  1. Hmmmm - I am beginning to think you may be one of the "naughty girls" I'm trying hard to emulate. Enjoy the day, Susan!

  2. Okay, you inspired me ... Cheers... Bob

  3. So true about us not being symmetrical. I've used the SMARTboard to demonstrate that to my students in Art. I love the richness of the yellow and green in your lemon/lime photo.

  4. Your lemon/lime would have been a good one for @dailyshoot's challenge on complimentary, too! Fun self-portrait to demonstrate your point about symmetry! :)