Sunday, September 26, 2010

Autumn Flowers

Autumn Flowers, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I think you are born with the flower gene or not. I definitely was. I just feel better when I have flowers around. My house is full of orchids, cyclamen that reward me with their re-blooming. But I still crave more. In summer there is usually a succession of gladioli in a vase. As one bunch fades my purchases at the market always includes the next. These mums sit outside at the market now - hardy flowers which withstand the cooling evening temperatures. As my outdoor garden loses its lustre, I crave the indoor flowers even more. They just brighten my space, pick up my mood and bring a sense of sunshine into my home.

Daily shoot: Make a photograph that shows an interpretation of your favorite indulgence or guilty pleasure. (@PrimalPhil)


  1. Those bright and beautiful flowers are definitely just what the doctor ordered after the gray days we've been having. I don't think I'd want to let you and Peg loose in a flower market.

  2. We are alike in more ways than one.

  3. I'm like you - flowers instantly cheer me up in any season! We have a lot of mums of different colours, too, right now. They can survive surprisingly low night temperatures! Another nice thing about flowers is that I never feel guilty about indulging myself in buying them.