Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lasting Impression

Lasting Impression, originally uploaded by susanvg.

It's always fun to come across the unexpected. This mural is quite new. I checked out Google streetview and there was graffiti on this wall. Funny how a physicist has become an icon - his image recognizable by many people. Today it is the popular culture icons who are recognized by most people. Who are the people you would like to see remembered from today? How can we raise the profile of the thinkers so that they reach the radar of today's youth?


  1. What a great mural. I love how his eye colour matches the wall.
    Also, thanks for the questions, definitely food for thought.

  2. Popular culture raises up and tears down quickly. Perhaps if there is peacemaker among us, that person's legacy will still shine many, many years from now.

  3. Imposing mural - the teal background really makes it pop. Our students research graffiti in their multimedia class - many interesting conversations about popular culture and icons, as well as creativity v. destruction often ensue.

  4. Wow, what a mural! Certainly an icon instantly recognizable around the world (western world, at least). Wasn't it the same in our youth, too, that it was the popular culture icons that interested us? Is it age that widens our radar to include icons from different walks of life? Just wondering...