Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 3/10: Church in Gesgapegiag

Church in Gesgapegiag, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A lot of time to kill before a train home, I meandered through the coast, stopping for photographs, to stroll, to explore. I stopped in Gespapegiag, the Mi'kmaq reservation. Most of Canada's aboriginal people are Christian, It is nice to see that they have made way in this to celebrate their own way, to bring their culture to their spiritual home.


  1. Interesting mixture. Definitely an unique church.

  2. There is something wonderful happening to your photography, Susan - maybe the skies are just cooperating or is it that something has clicked in you? Photography is a wonderful passion, isn't it? Yours is giving me much sensory pleasure. This tepee church is possibly the most unusual I've ever seen - a blend of modern and traditional.

  3. What an interesting church - never ever seen anything like this! Thank you so much for sharing this. Makes me want to find out if our indigineous people in the north have anything similar.

  4. Yes, indeed this is a wonderful church. I live in this community and this teepee church as been there for as long as i could possibly remember.
    mind you, i am not that old enough to have seen it being build or even the first few years such as my elders in the community of Gesgapegiag.
    and sorry to correct you miss " Barb " but you have spelled teepee wrong. Us as a first nation people correct non natives before they teach around twistory about aboriginal people before it is tossed to others.