Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 4/10: Almost Home

Sept 4/10: Almost Home, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I love to travel, as anyone following this blog must realize. But there is something special about coming home again. This photograph was taken through the train window as we approached the station. I love the feeling of recognizing landmarks whether by plane or train as I get closer to the destination. By now, I know that planes approach from the east; if you are on the left side of the plane you can see the Olympic stadium, the oratory and eventually the highway near the airport. I watch for this. On the train from the west I know the area as we approach Montreal Island and each suburb has its landmarks that mean we are getting closer. This time I approached from the north east (though with our crazy mixed up directions in Montreal we came over the bridge from the South Shore) and headed into downtown. The tall office towers greeted us.

I'm home. And ready to enjoy the life that offers: a cat on my lap, food cooking in the oven, and friends nearby with whom to share my many travel stories.


  1. There are those moody skies again to greet you home - but I do see a patch of blue poking through. Have a good week, Susan.

  2. Home sweet home. Great cityscape.

  3. Thanks so much for taking us on your travels with you.

    You have taken some absolutely stunning photos.


  4. This is a great view of the city. You are being welcomed home! Travels are truly wonderful but coming home is a grand feeling too.

  5. Welcome home! I often find that each journey changes me somehow. It's great to come home, though - a little bit wiser, and with tons of experiences to share.