Friday, September 24, 2010

Come on in

Come on in, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I originally took this photograph because I liked all the lines, but a few things have got me thinking about gates. I like the fact that this one is open. A new building project has been approved on land that previously housed a junior college. This will be a gated community in the centre of the city. For Americans this may seem normal; it is unusual here in Montreal and it is a precedent I don't like.

There is too much of an attitude of self-protection, of closing off others instead of an attitude of inclusiveness and sharing. I am not advocating leaving doors unlocked, but there is a point when barriers become self-imposed prisons where trust has vanished and is replaced by suspicion. This open gate does not say enter, but it does not give the feeling of exclusion, of "me vs the others." It is too easy to depersonalize "others" when you give yourself no opportunity to interact and put a face to who they might be. We need to open the metaphorical gates, reach out and learn from each other.


  1. Oh, how I like when you pair a thought with the photo - in this case one that tells of inclusion rather than exclusion. PS - I like all the lines, too - I have a "thing" for stairs...

  2. I like the lines too, especially since they vary in colour or direction. As far as your opinion on gated communities, I agree with you 110%. I'm glad some keep their gates open.

  3. I really like the colouring and feeling of the whole picture. And what you wrote is so so true! We are lucky here in Finland, thanks to our small population I guess, that gated communities hardly exist. I do hope it will stay that way although, sadly, there are signs that point to a change in people's attitudes even here.