Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sept 8/10: International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sept 8 - International Literacy. I marvel at my good fortune to be born where I was - where education is valued and most children learn to read. And then my good fortune to be born into a family that valued books - with both parents being avid readers. My house is full of books - fiction, non-fiction, adult books and books for children. I love to read and hope my children, now adults, will continue to pass on this passion to others.

We all know that literacy raises the standard of living of people. I particularly admire Greg Mortenson who has helped build schools in areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan where literacy rates are low and where women are often denied education. Literacy begins at home. How can we then help it spread?


  1. Well, of course I'm straining to read what's on your bookshelf, Susan! I believe that Literacy is the #1 requirement for improving people's lives.

  2. YES! Books are such a gift. I read every chance I get and do my best to pass on the love of reading to my students. One of the best moments as a teacher is watching a student get hooked on reading.

  3. I am not a great accumulator of possessions, but I do keep filling my shelves with books. I believe reading is the most important skill for anyone - wish more young people got passionate about it!