Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 9/10 Something Beautiful

Feb 9/10 Something Beautiful, originally uploaded by susanvg.

How do you define beauty? It is so subjective. What is beautiful in one culture is odd in another. The daily shoot - photograph something beautiful - I have taken so many photographs of flowers and other natural beauties. This shell caught my eye because it is three kinds of beauty - the natural beauty of the shell, the beauty of the man made carving and the beauty of the story behind it.

My parents had a good friend, Nat, who spent his whole life selling life insurance. He earned a good living, but it wasn't enough to satisfy his curiosity. He became fascinated by shells and started to study them and collect them. This is one he gave to my parents. Some years ago they (my parents and he and his wife) wintered in Sarasota and I brought my then young children there. Nat would walk the beach with my son and take him to the best spots for finding shells. His patience was limitless as he spoke about the animals that had once inhabited the shells. A large portion of Nat's collection was donated to a local library. My son's class (around grade 4) went to visit and Nat shared his fascination and pleasure in shells with the young students.

This shell has layers of beauty.


  1. It seems to me that something truly beautiful must have these layers.

  2. The part I like best about this story is that Nat found a passion and followed it. At this stage of my life, (I'm at the end of another decade), that's what's most important to me - finding and fuelling passions.