Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb 10/10: I Love to Read

Feb 10/10: I Love to Read, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: We all have some sort of hobby or favorite activity. Make a photo that shows something you enjoy doing. (via @azmichelle)

I love to read, but sometimes I read (and play) music and other times it's books. I play music regularly, on my own and with others. Often when I play with others we sightread through music, sometimes returning to pieces we have played before. Each time we revisit a piece we find new layers, are able to find more meaning in the piece and we can make it more and more musical. But isn't that the case with books too? When you revisit a book you always find more layers that help your appreciation and understanding.

And with both, I often go back to my favourite composers / authors and discover more and more of what they have written to get a real sense their style and "voice". Or I venture out to new discoveries both musical and literary, expanding my horizons.


  1. Yes! A wonderful connection between two things that I love as well. Reading and music. Stuck in the house yesterday I was getting to my book and my guitar.
    Here's a question, how do you get your daily posts connected to the Daily Shoot page. I have mine connected to flickr with the tag and connected to the daily that enough?

  2. Nice parallels between books and music!

  3. I recently read this quote, Susan , and thought of you:
    Research from the musical therapy field has shown that patients' heart rates tend to synchronize themselves with the beat of music. One reason people find baroque music soothing is that its inherent rhythm of sixty-four beats per minute is similar to that of a calm, relaxed heart. (from The Scalpel and the Soul)

  4. You have such good habits, Susan!