Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 13/10: Jam

Feb 13/10: Jam, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The variety of good jam that is available has multiplied. Once only the over processed, over sweetened varieties lined the shelves at the supermarket. I grew up with home made jam. My mother made the most wonderful jams with fresh fruit of the season. Of course, the best was when we went berry picking and the jam was made the same day - raspberry, blueberry - I can smell it now, bubbling on the stove. Our neighbours in back had a plum tree which hung heavy with small Italian plums in early autumn. We would pick the ones that hung over on our side (with permission) and they too would be turned into jam.

I learned from her and for years would follow the season - in June it was strawberry jam, August - occasionally jam from fresh berries and September peach and plum jams. But waistlines expanded, a cutback in sugar consumption and some years the jams sat on the shelves untouched. Now I indulge in good store bought jams. But they don't come with the memories, with the heavenly aromas that permeated the house with thoughts of my late mother. I think I'll have to make at least one batch this year.


  1. Perhaps as we have gotten older we realize we do not need to eliminate - just portion and moderate. Now if I could find good bread to put that good jam on.......hmnnnn, yummmmm! A cup of good coffee and tea, one slice with great jam - wonderful. Someday grandchildren to introduce this specialty too.

    Love the pic and will explore the offerings at teh store once again.

  2. I think you should make a batch, Susan - I like peach, in case you're wondering.

  3. I miss eating bread and jam. Somehow it's a weekend breakfast thing, and I rush off on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Pity. Jam comes out occasionally in the holidays. I remember our numerous jars of home-made jams when I was a young girl, and my grandmother not caring if ants had got in, saying eating the ants would help her arthritis!