Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 14/10: Love

Feb 14/10: Love, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sometimes life throws you curves of the most wonderful sort. I had been a widow since my young husband died in 1982 . By the time I turned 50 I was content with my life. Children were less dependent; the external demands on my life were lessening and I could just be me - not "mother of" (though that never totally disappears - just evolves). I had time to follow my passions.

I had known Paul for a number of years, having met him at music camp yet we were acquaintances more than friends. Why did it change? Maybe because I was at a point when I looked ahead not behind, when those other burdens (even when they were delightful burdens) no longer tied me down. And now we share our love, our lives and our passion for music. Life has many new beginnings - and yes - it can begin after fifty!

The rings were made by a Toronto jeweler: Vivienne Jones


  1. Those bands are so pretty, Susan. I'm glad you said "yes" to Love - we need all of it in our lives as we can manage!

  2. Wonderful image for a wonderful story.

  3. Makes a heart feel good - May you have continued love grow between you!

  4. Love is one of life's most precious gifts. I hope you enjoy this gift for many years to come.

  5. Beautiful picture and an even more beautiful life story.