Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feb 25/10: Tracks

Feb 25/10: Tracks, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Finally we got out on our snowshoes - tough slogging through a wet sticky carpet. Paul's traditional pair fared better than mine as the frame of my aluminum pair picked up clumps of snow.

Snow Shoes
We started easy through a golf course, criss-crossed with deer tracks. Our tracks were added becoming part of the landscape. Occasional car sounds were heard in a crescendo diminuendo as they passed nearby. The wind sometimes whistled through, much like the cars. Bird calls punctuated the air with the occasional raucous cry of a crow to the chirps of a chickadee. The silences in between were audible - no hum of a city, just peace.

Hoof TrackHoof Imprint

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  1. Hi Susan, You did go snowshoeing! Good. And you heard Nature's music, as I would expect. Both of the snowshoes look huge - mine are much smaller.