Monday, February 1, 2010

Pont Jacques-Cartier

Pont Jacques-Cartier, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This is part of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge which spans the St. Laurence River. I love its grace. Built in the 1920s and opened in 1930, it was the first bridge connecting Montreal Island to the South Shore which accommodated cars. In summer the bridge closes when the Fireworks Festival is held. People line the bridge to get a good view as the pyrotechnics are set off at La Ronde amusement park just east of the bridge.

It's hard to image Montreal without the bridges, the tunnel and the metro which connect it to the mainland. At one time, ferries and ice bridges were the only way to bring goods from one shore to the next. In between seasons when the ice was forming or breaking up must have been treacherous. Now the river rarely freezes completely. But even bridges can be treacherous in inclement weather. In our infamous ice storm of 1998, bridges were closed as the ice which had build up on the girders began to crash down.

I found a site about the bridge and was surprised to learn that one of the members of the design team Joseph B. Strauss, went on to design the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


  1. I love bridges! You caught great light on this one! Nice!

  2. I like its graceful skeleton. The sky is pretty, too.

  3. Very nice metallic glow on the bridge. I like bridges, too, since they usually mean that there is some water nearby.

  4. You hit on one of Montreal's great experiences, which I just discovered after being here for 20 years. When the bridge closes for the fireworks almost each weekend throughout the summer, you can actually walk out on the bridge to watch them. It is an incredible rush, not only because the fireworks are right in your face, but also to be on an empty bridge of that size. It is like being in a future city without cars. Like Escape from New York or something. Really fun. We went a few times this year.