Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb 19/10: Tuque

Feb 19/10: Tuque, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Symbols can be simple, ornate, plain, or colorful. Make a photo of a symbol that represents or stands for something else.

I couldn't resist snapping this photograph through my car window. The bus stop is wearing a tuque - for many a symbol of winter. We have had very little snow this winter, but last night we actually had a bit of snow which enhanced this tuque's winter connection. It would be nice if I could use my snowshoes at least once this winter.

Bus Stop


  1. This made me smile! I think that Melburnians should put sunglasses on their tram stops.

  2. I'm freezing with this photo. It's gorgeous but I want the snow to be gone for this to the beach on Tuesday... but you can't have it all, NO INTERNET!