Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb 6/10: Curves

Feb 6/10: Curves, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I think it is the curves in the road of life that set into motion the changes. We often go along complacently and those jolts make us examine our priorities and sometimes change course. Curves can be both positive or negative and I have certainly had my share! They make us more resilient, stronger and more appreciative of the many magical moments that require us to just stop and enjoy. Fortunately we cannot always see the road ahead of us so we don't know what awaits, both the difficulties and the delightful surprises that may be there just around the bend.

Daily Shoot: Curves carry the eye along with them. Make a photo that creates a sense of movement with curves today.


  1. Actually, the bridge is a nice touch, too - maybe I'll just cross to the other side and save the curves for another day.

  2. Love the natural light in this shot! Well done!

  3. Beautiful picture and lovely thoughts. So well put together!