Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 24/10: North Hatley

Feb 24/10: North Hatley, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Winter grey settled on the sky, on the hills and on the open water. It has its beauty. There is a stillness in the country, broken by the sounds of nature more than those made by humans. North Hatley is one of the prettier towns in the Eastern Townships with many heritage buildings. No chain restaurants can be found here. It is a unique village that has preserved its character. Once the summer haven of wealthy Americans, it now attracts a variety of tourists in the summer. We were an anomoly, winter wanderers in search of quiet and a place to go snow-shoeing.

North Hatley Pier

The pier at night


  1. Such a nice winter and night setting!

  2. What a lovely winter pier, Susan - both day and night! Did you go snowshoeing?

  3. Outstanding shots. Especially the one at night.

  4. Interesting photo comparison. I think I prefer the day shot. It seems more peaceful and natural without the lights.

  5. Wow! Now we know where the expression "night-and-day" difference came from. The top one is almost silver. The bottom is all glowy and colorful. I'm glad you posted both.

  6. Susan,
    I'm feeling the same solace of winter's beauty right now. I'll be clapping on those cross country skis this weekend.

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