Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8/10: Life as a Cat

Feb 8/10, originally uploaded by susanvg.

My cats, as I have written before, are heat-seekers. They pass the day from the pillow near the radiator to the sunny window, to this comforter, to sunny spots on the floor. There is always a warm spot to accommodate them. They often can be found cuddled up together, their body heat adding to the warmth of the chosen spot.

Basil, the white cat, was wary of my camera. Sleep was disturbed by a previous flash. Elmo, a lofty 15 years old, was unperturbed. Today's cat photo was at the request of the Daily Shoot. I try to keep my pet photos and stories to a minimum. It's a bit like new parents and grandparents who go on about their babies, I don't want to be seen as just the cat lady. But some days, when work is busy and there just doesn't seem to be time for a walk in more interesting surroundings, the cats are handy subjects and they do make for rather cute photos.


  1. As I'm sure you've deduced from my photostream I'm a cat person. They're such interesting creatures! It's great to see that these two get along so well!

  2. It is hard not to focus on our pets - but they are a great back up for photo assignments. Those who have pets understand the unconditional love and the relief to daily stress they provide. It is great to count on.

    You also have far too many interesting talents and things that you share that you will not be cast as a "cat lady", but a fine hearted women who happens to have cats. ;-)

  3. Well, Susan, I for one never tire of Basil and Elmo. (Of course, I never tire of photos of my Grandchildren, either!) Just looking at them relaxing is very restful.

  4. I think your cats are a great photo subject. Your writing accompanying photos is always interesting, no matter what the subject is.

  5. Cats make a great subject of photos. They are constantly striking cute poses! What's not to like?!