Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 239: Old Tree

Day 239: Old Tree, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I passed this great old tree today. It has cavities, great homes for a variety of insects. Many of Montreal's streets are tree-lined with great big maples and ash as well as many other trees. Some trees were lost in the ice storm of 1998. Our latest threat is the emerald ash borer. It is not yet in Montreal, but is some 30 km away. There is an attempt to isolate it; let's hope this is possible.

Our world is getting smaller, with travel and the shipping of food across the world. Hitch-hiking along are insects, which settle in new areas where they have no predators. The devastation they can cause is enormous. We need our local insects, but this is one case where immigration is not welcome. How do we keep that balance in nature that existed long ago?


  1. I think the balance has already been upset, Susan. It is causing devastation here in CO, too. At first, I thought your photo was an oil painting!

  2. Love your bark, too - each one is so unique. Nature's homeostasis has been so impacted by human's industrialization, but it is valuable enough to be protected.