Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 214: Kite

Day 214: Kite, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A walk in the park - and there it was - a kite flying. I have never managed to do much with a kite. When my children were much smaller we bought a nice kite in Florida and went to the beach - after all the winds off the water should get it aloft. This kite was an excellent nose-diver. We tried again in Montreal - running up a hill thinking that the wind blowing up should launch our kite. It was all to no avail. So I have always admired people who could keep a kite aloft. As we got closer to the kite flier, the kite gently came down.

Here was an opportunity to chat. I admitted I had never managed to fly a kite. "Try it," he said; and I did. It caught the breeze and started to lift. I let out some more string, careful to keep the line taut and it stayed up. Success! I could feel the breeze playing with it some more and adjusted. It was not a long flight, but I felt as if I had taken wing myself.

"I wanted to get a photo of my kite flying," he said and here you came along. We had each given each other something and parted the richer for this short exchange.


  1. Mutually beneficial! :) Congratulations on your kite-flying adventure!

  2. I love this story---I think I need to go fly a kite!