Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 215: Bicycle Post

Day 215: Bicycle Post, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Outside the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) are a number of bicycle stands each of a different design. I rather liked this zebra head and was glad it was free of a bicycle so I could admire it properly. It is wonderful how bicycles have become a mode of transport in our cities. Montreal's Bixie bikes have been very popular.

How times have changed since I was in Grade Seven. At one point I rode my bike to school, proud of the freedom this gave me. Until.... While the bike stands on the boys side of the playground were full; those on the girls side supported fewer bikes - I noticed I was only one of two girls in my grade to lock a bike on the rusted stands and the other girl wasn't popular at all. I caved - no more bike riding to school for me. I wanted to be seen as mature. Oh how times have changed, fortunately.

Now I hesitate to use my bike for transportation in the city - the traffic is too busy, the hills too steep for me to feel truly comfortable. But my bike has been getting use in Casselman when I am there. I can handle the smaller streets and flatter terrain. And once again I feel the freedom of bicycling.


  1. I've never seen a bike stand like this one! Thanks for sharing...what a fun design!
    The hills here in Duluth are too intimidating for me to consider a ride around town...but there are lots of trails nearby that are more "my speed".

  2. What a wonderful bicycle post with aesthetics in mind. It's bound to give a pedestrian a lift admiring them.

  3. Hi Susan,
    What an ornate bike stand! Glad you're getting back on the saddle. My husband is biking with friends today while I prepare for a trip to Denver.

  4. Beautiful bike stand. Things like this make you smile, don't they? I haven't ridden my bike for decades, although I do remember the sense of freedom you describe.