Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 223: Scavenger

Day 223: Scavenger, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Lunch today outside at a lovely Greek restaurant. Towards the end of the meal this little bird came along and snatched some crumbs off the next table. A young girl then started putting out small pieces of bread. Soon the bird's friends came to join the feast. These birds were fairly skittish.

Last year I was sitting in a Paris cafe. The birds there sat right on the table and tried to take food right from your plate. They were obviously used to people and were pleased that more kept coming to order food for them.


  1. I like the texture of this photo, Susan. Have a good school year!

  2. How sweet! They are rather bold (skittish or not...there they are...) aren't they?

  3. At the resort we usually visit in Mexico, the birds swoop down and steal the sugar packets off the tables. I've never seen them go after anything else. As long as they leave my wine alone, I guess it's ok :-) I like the framing of this shot!