Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 195: Elliston

Day 195: Elliston, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sometimes you just get lucky. We were unable to book a cabin in Bonavista, but the owner recommended a cabin in Elliston. What a surprise to see a modern cabin with this view: an inlet on Trinity Bay. Sitting on the porch, the only sounds are of nature with the waves splashing down below and gulls shrieking above. Elliston, a tiny town, sits on the windswept shore where no trees seem to take hold. We arrived on time for the Puffin Festival, a local festival celebrating community and local talent. Something to experience later this week..

On arrival in Elliston we saw an iceberg off shore – the first I have ever seen – tall, majestic and very white. We can't see it from our window – but maybe it will be in sight tomorrow. Evening in Bonavista, a fishing town, the fishing boats in the harbour and many cars parked near the fish packing plant.

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