Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 181: Public Art

Day 181: Public Art, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I was really impressed with the art in the Washington Convention Center. This is only one example. There were lovely paintings, photographs, installations - some more traditional, others quite quirky - a circle of guitars hung from the ceiling, large painted animals. What is important is that art is valued. In Quebec there is a requirement that public buildings spend a percentage of the budget (I think it is 1%) on art. It says something about a city when it displays its culture and honours its artists.

Being in this large building, with thousands of people, it was nice to stop occasionally and enjoy - to escape, for a moment, the hum, the hype and the crowds.


  1. I've enjoyed seeing this artwork vicariously through other NECC'ers photographs, as well! It is a nice accent to balance with the concrete and the participants!

  2. There is a lot to see in this picture, Susan. I even like the car going by in the left bottom corner.