Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 198: Picnic

Day 198: PicnicWe drove the winding coastal roads to Terra Nova Park. The coast along Bonavista Bay is lovely, though not as dramatic as the areas we had already seen. The rocky shores sloped more gently down to the sea. The road took us up, to see lovely vistas of the many coves and down to water level. At the bottom of the bay, long fingers of water reach into the land. The road wound around them though occasionally we left the coast to cross small peninsulas. The forest changes – often mainly black spruce and lower down there are also deciduous trees – poplar, birch. We stopped in Terra Nova to have a picnic overlooking Clode Sound. Food tastes so much better outside!

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  1. Your vacation posts are really making me want to go to Newfoundland. Do you see many road bikers there?