Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 189: North Sydney to Argentia Ferry

We were told to be at the ferry between 6:30 and 7:30 (with the ship scheduled to leave at 9:00) The wait for the ferry passed by – looking at the license plates from all over (BC, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Texas ….) and chatting with some others who shared their past experience with the ferry. Finally we drove into the gaping mouth of the ferry. It is unbelievable how many vehicles fit into this ship – from huge 18 wheelers with full cargo to passenger cars, motor homes, motorcycles, school buses, trucks towing boats... It took over and hour and a half just to load them all on. The ferry, itself is quite large with lounges, areas with seats that recline, a cafeteria, movie theatre, lounge with entertainment and sleeping cabins. We had been on the waiting list for a cabin and were fortunate enough to get one once we were on the ferry. Neither of us relished a night sitting up (no matter how far the seats reclined or that they had foot rests). Our cabin was well equipped with 4 bunks and a bathroom with a shower. Once the lights were off it was very dark and that plus the slight rocking of the ship helped us sleep.

The crossing is supposed to take 14-16 hours – it really makes you feel you are going somewhere far away. In this day of jet travel, we sometimes don't appreciate distances . Moving at a slower pace and through the territory makes you realize how vast our country is and how it is possible to have regions with such varied cultures – born of the different environments, different immigrants who settled there and different realities.


  1. Wow what fun! Sounds like a great trip!

  2. Stumbled onto your blog as we were waiting our turn to board the ferry.

    Really enjoying your great pictures and stories of places we will soon be visiting.

  3. Its certainly one of the more colourful ways of travelling in Canada, a visit to Newfoundland never seems complete without a voyage like this.