Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 210: Reflections - looking back

A trip has come to an end - time to reflect and look back as we move on to another phase of our summer time. Newfoundland has captured me. It is the least American place in Canada - holding on to its individuality. While fast food chains are found in the larger centres, the smaller towns maintain their ties to their origins. Fishing villages are still that with local restaurants serving Newfoundland food. They are there for the locals, not the tourists and cater to that palate. The language of Newfoundland is colourful - more so in smaller communities than in St. John's where spoken language is becoming more like the rest of Canada. Expressions, the accent and the grammar are unique to the place. Even the time is different - with the island of Newfoundland 1/2 hour earlier than Atlantic Time. It took as a while to realize that CBC news would be on at the half hour instead of the hour.

The scenery is rugged and beautiful, with surprises around many corners. The people are warm and friendly and they have the time to talk and tell their stories.

Would I go back - absolutely- there is still so much more to see. I think we are among the few who spent over two weeks there and did not see a single moose (but many beware of the moose signs). I wish, as my mirror says - objects are closer than they appear. Newfoundland is a long way off - you travel a great distance to get there and in much of it you feel a little bit as if you have also gone back in time.


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the photos and stories.

  2. Very creative photo - my side mirror would never be clean enough for the reflection! I enjoyed your stories and pictures from Newfoundland - it looks like a scenic, bucolic environment.

  3. Always tough to leave a favorite place - hope your transition back to the city life is painless!