Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 208: Wind Power

Day 208: Wind Power, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Travelling home through New Brunswick we saw this wind farm on top of a hill. This was not the first windmill we passed, but the first cluster of windmills. It is encouraging to think that alternate sources of power are being tapped.

I know the perfect place for wind generation of power. On Saturday we drove from Trout River to Port au Basques. Between Cornerbrook and Port au Basques there is a stretch of highway with a wind warning and they aren't kidding. It was not a stormy day and the winds kicked up to the point that my spouse had to really grip the steering wheel. Some tractor trailers seemed to be parked waiting for the winds to die down a bit. I found this at

Table Mountain is a 518 metre geological oddity, visible from Cheeseman Park, is known for the gale force winds rushing down from its summit to the stunted weather-beaten forest below, with gusts exceeding 160 km/h to disrupt highway traffic and derail the now discontinued trains....
In the valley below Table Mountain kived (sic) Lauchie MacDougall, the famous "human wind gauge" who was contracted to the Newfoundland Railway to determine if the gusts were too high for trains. After he died in 1965, his wife continued the work until 1972. Today, truckers rely on CB radios and word-of-mouth for news about the wind.
What a perfect place for a wind farm - that is if the towers could withstand the gusts.

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