Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 203: Trout River

Day 203: Trout River, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Trout River is a small fishing town built linearly along the Trout River and the coast. There is a long beach with a boardwalk. Houses are mainly quite small, some with lobster traps and crab baskets beside them. It looks like quite a depressed area – with nothing to sustain the town but fishing, which, as in the rest of Newfoundland is tenuous. There are few stores – mainly convenience stores and no sign of any industry.

This is really the end of the line – no cell phone coverage (not that my phone worked anywhere in Newfoundland except St. John's), the road to the next community often closed in storms. It can take a week for a service person to come to repair things. People hang out knitted socks on the line for sale. They have to be resourceful to earn money. I would imagine, since the moratorium on cod fishing that many are on welfare. But the setting is magnificent. Mountains, the sea, incredible geological variety.

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