Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 178: Da Longa

Day 178: Da Longa, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Music in the cafe is such an integral part of the Montreal Baroque Festival. Sometimes groups are scheduled to play here as with this group, Da Longa who played Turkish music. The rhythms and seductive melodies had me moving in my seat.

Here is a closer look at the performer who was playing an instrument that sounded like a cross between a recorder and a clarinet. It has a reed, which gave it the clarinet sound.

In the evenings impromptu groups of young musicians play through a wide variety of Baroque music - sometimes audible, sometimes drowned out by the lively conversations about the festival. The established professional musicians mingle with the up and coming players. Audience members chat with them all, frequently expressing delight with the just played concert. There is a tremendous sense of community among all - the early music family.

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  1. I can almost hear them with your commentary - 'sounds' like a fun time!