Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 162: Wagon Wheel

Day 162: Wagon Wheel, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This old wagon wheel sits in front of my house - it was there when I moved in. No longer useful, its sole purpose is decorative. It's interesting to see how many artifacts that once had a use are now almost objets d'art. Spinning wheels sit in people's homes, various objects hang on walls. Restaurants use old cooking utensils and crockery for atmosphere.

I wonder what will be seen as decorative in the future. Will people have old computers as conversation pieces? mice hanging on the walls? hubcaps decorating a garden? Will restaurants want to use our outdated tools to provide the theme for their decor?


  1. I have old rug beaters on my wall and some ancient crocks on the mantel. I love them for their sentiment and their beauty. I hope maybe my Grandchildren will still think them interesting enough to display someday. (Hopefully, my computer won't be their idea of a beautiful artifact!)

  2. Great colours and the fact that the wheel is partially hidden adds even greater interest. Nice composition.

  3. Lovely composition! It is great to see the juxtaposition between form and function...even over the years! :)

  4. Very nice photo. The color is beautiful, and the exposure is great. This could make a great greeting card or print to put on the wall.