Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 156: AGO-Frank Gehry

Day 156: AGO-Frank Gehry, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I spent much of the day at the Art Gallery of Ontario admiring both the art and the architecture. The original structure was enlarged by Toronto born architect, Frank Gehry and I was curious to see what he had done. I am not crazy about what it looks like on the outside - too much mirror and steel, but inside was full of the warmth of wood, with an organic staircase spiraling up, beautiful flowing wood benches where you could sit and admire the work (and they were comfortable too). This galleria was beautiful. It felt a bit like being in the hull of a ship under construction. The only art in there were wood pieces of sculpture.

I loved the way Gehry incorporated windows into some of the galleries. It was almost like looking at an ever changing piece of art.

As to the art, I lingered over the Impressionists and spent a lot of time in the Canadian art galleries. The Group of Seven is extremely well represented. Their landscapes speak to me. There were discoveries, some contemporary art that puzzled me and some conversations with other visitors to the gallery. And finally, in a state of visual overload, I went back out onto the street.

Gehry Chairs


  1. Beautiful photos! I find it hard to capture indoor spaces - good job!

    I haven't been to the new AGO yet, but it's on my list of things to do.

  2. I love the space and lgith in these pictures.

  3. I certainly have similar feelings to being inside the hull of a ship in the making - what a neat experience!

  4. I like this photo a lot - you captured the arcs and the linear quite well.