Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 161: Canadiens Fan

Day 161: Canadiens Fan, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I went to a movie this evening in what used to be the Montreal Forum, home of Les Canadiens. The building was gutted and turned into a multiplex movie theatre. A few remnants of the old building were placed in it as a reminder of its former purpose. These seats used to be filled with avid fans, rooting for their team. This sculpture is reminiscent of this.

It saddens me to see the graffiti scribbled on it. There is no respect for the artist nor for the public who enjoy it. I have often seen people having their pictures taken sitting beside the sculpture. Now the face looks garish, the hands out of place. What was once a playful reminder of the past is now a testimony to the needs of the individual to satisfy him/herself without thought to the effect on others.

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  1. That is definitely sad to see - what a cool tribute gone awry! I've noticed that humanity has a general lack of respect for others/things as well as a lack of coping when things don't go their way - we've definitely gone 'downhill' as a society in those regards!