Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 175: Lily

Day 175: Lily, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Today is the "Fête Nationale" here in the province of Quebec. The fleur de lis flags are flying everywhere, so I thought I would feature a lily from my garden to honour the holiday. There is debate over whether the heraldic fleur de lis is actually an iris but I don't have any in my garden at this time of year so this tiger lily will have to do.

This holiday, originally St-Jean-Baptiste Day (when the Catholic church played a dominant role in Quebec life), feels like the real beginning of summer. It is our first official day off. Schools conclude the day before and the weather is usually sultry. There are outdoor concerts, fireworks, a parade - all the things you associate with summer events. I try to ignore the political overtones as Quebec is a place of controversy over language. I have to admit to not partaking, but tomorrow is the opening of the Montreal Baroque Festival - that's when I immerse myself in concerts and festivities so I have to conserve my energy.


  1. Beautiful lily - and to think that winter was still hanging on in your area only a few months ago! Enjoy your celebration of summer!

  2. Et pour nous autres, la Fête nationale a lieu le premier juillet :-)

    I love the light in your photo. It's so easy to blow out the colour on shiny petals. This soft light works well.

  3. Beautiful close up! Nice lighting too. I like the color and detail.

  4. This is a beautiful shot and Diane is right - the soft light is perfect. I love lilies they're one of my favourite flowers.

  5. Just discovered your wonderful site. What a beautiful complement of pictures and commentary.