Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 179: NECC09

Day 179: NECC09, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Crowds - 18000 people are registered in this conference. Sitting in the keynote in a sea of people makes one feel small. How can you make contact, to make connections, exchange ideas, so essential as part of the conference experience in such a large mob?

I spent the evening at the Edublogger's Cafe - putting faces to the words I have read and heard via blogs and webcasts. And I met my fellow webcaster with whom I had been presenting webcast shows for almost two years, but we had never met. I love my virtual life; it has provided and continues to provide ideas, challenges to my thinking and connections - but it is so nice to have personal conversations and meet face to face. Among this community the essential conversations can happen. How to make a neighbourhood within a larger context.


  1. Susan, what you've said resounds with me to some degree. Certainly my virtual connections are a vital source of thinking and support, but there's nothing like meeting face to face. I'm following NECC from Australia by dipping into twitter and the NECC ning, but it's difficult to navigate. It would be overwhelming to be there, I imagine. Any advice about what to watch out for, or where to find the best archived talks?

  2. How I wish I was there!! Though one of the reasons I didn't go is the vast size - I prefer smaller communities of depth myself, but your raise some good questions?!! So neat that you've been able to connect with some of your virtual connections f2f! Enjoy the rest of the conference!