Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year Blooms

Photos: January 1, 2013

 The new year comes at the coldest part of the year here. Outside the temperatures are plummeting. It seems a funny time to start a year, though maybe it is a good time for reflection. The longer nights leave less time for outdoor sports and more time indoors. Now, more than ever, I need my indoor garden to remind me of growth possibilities. While outdoors, the landscape has turned white, inside I treasure the plants and flowers.
New Orchid

Winter is a time for dormancy - though that does not mean that growth stops. Plants and animals need that time to recharge and I think we do too. Electricity has permitted us to forget about living to the light of the sun, but I do believe the dark evenings remind our bodies to rest more so our minds can spend more time in thought. How else can we nourish our souls to make the year blossom!?



  1. Your orchid is fabulous, and I agree with your thoughts. Remember my Phalaeonopsis orchid that finally bloomed a couple years ago after 6 years of dormancy? Well - no signs of a bloom again this season... Wish I had your green orchid thumb.

  2. So does that mean that those in the northern part of the northern hemisphere need more nourishing times than those near the equator? ;) I do love your indoor flowers and imagine they bring much enjoyment.

  3. Your flowers are crisp and fabulous. I like your thoughts, Susan. How pleasant time that I do not feel guilty moving indoors to enjoy my home in the coldest time.